Saturday, December 1, 2012

Weightloss Update - Bootcamp Girl

Well Peeps,

I'm on a roll! Since I've started bootcamp, I've lost a total of 5kg. I keep track with my health assessments and I'm happy to post the results next time up.

I'm now a converted Bootcamp Girl! I love it. It's a challenge, it's not a walk in the park but I've gotten results and achieved goals I never thought I could.

No matter what, being broken in training is not an option.

Current 1km run record 6minutes 20 seconds - Love my Garmin Watch that records my speed, time and distance.

My 100 day goals (for date 14th February 2013)

6minute 30 second 1km run - ACHIEVED

6minute 1km run

20 (on toes) push-ups

10 Full Burpies

300metre row in 1minute

10 Bodyweight Chinups

I'll keep you updated, I'm about to trial a Crossfit class so will let you know when I can find my list.

Current Weight 84kg - 1st Goal 80kg

Training helps so much with my Endormetriosis and PCOS. I've been on DIABEX and all sorts of medications but now I'm off the tablets, I'm using my own strength and mental power to achieve my goals with a healthy food intake. (If you need to be on medication, I recommend you stay on it. I am not a Doctor and only sharing my own personal experience.)

It all comes down to what you put in your mouth. If you train like an athlete and eat rubbish, nothing will change.

Remember - eat right, work hard, play hard and train harder!

Yours in Happy Health and Fitness

Suzan Battah

If you're from Sydney Australia - Check out Rush Hour Australia, I highly recommend this team of Trainers.

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