Thursday, December 20, 2012

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Well peeps I've been off the radar for a little while but that's only because some amazing events have been happening week after week.

End of Year for Bootcamp with Rush Hour Australia fantastic time and have joined permanently. Will keep you posted on my progress and great news ---

--- A Documentary will possibly be born. I'm looking forward to discussing with Ray the possibility of developing a Documentary about Bootcamp journeys. This will be an amazing journey over the year for the participants by trainers and clients as I take a role behind the camera and watch a film unravel. I've been hiring film crew, setting up proposals and fundraising will begin in 2013.

I'm an official FILM FESTIVAL AWARD WINNER!!!!! Yes all in caps because I can't help myself.

BaSatai: Outside In won an award at the Love Unlimited Film Festival and Art Exhibition LA, unfortunately I could not make it to the USA for the festivities in December but I'm so proud of my achievement and check out the Booktrailer and my Awards which says it all.

I'd like to thank all my fans for being the greatest fans, especially because you've gone out there and purchased my books! If you're stopping by my page for the first time check out my Ebooks for only 0.99c.
2013 is looking up to be a fantastic and prosperous year. So keep safe over the Holidays, celebrate and enjoy family and friends and will see you all in the New Year, Merry Christmas Everybody.
Signing off Peeps :)
Be kind and thoughtful to one another.
Feel free to join me on this blog and would love to hear comments.
Suzan Battah
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