Thursday, April 10, 2014

New Dawn of a Foggy Ride

It's interesting what takes us on our path to write. I have so many ideas and visual concepts that writing comes naturally for me.

I always believed that writing BOOKS was my dream. I pursued it like a cheetah.

In reality my dream of writing doesn't consist of sleepless nights, getting broke, throwing my money on gifts in the hope of gaining a wider readership and other marketing plans that I worked tirelessly on but made no impact.

I certainly have no regrets in what I have achieved. I am a writer that is plan and simple. I continuously write and practice my craft but now after such an exhausting 16 years, I'm not planning on writing another book, not now anyway.

I've found my niche in Screenwriting! Yes my DREAM took a wild spin 180 degrees and landed on the other side of writing the visual side. And the feedback I'm getting is amazing.

I'm seriously proud of the decision I've made. I have found my place and no longer need to force myself into a puzzle.

The industry is ever changing and it's so competitive but I ensure I surround myself with positive people and unfortunately that is no longer in the literary world.

I love books and enjoy reading so much. I have no idea what happened to my passion for writing books - it certainly died somewhere along the line but my passion for writing never will.

I now get to explore characters and a heroes journey through visual interpretation. I'm loving it!

Have a super happy week.

Suzan Battah